About Me

Hello, I'm Tony

Hi, I'm Tony also known as Thrifty Husband. My wife and I live a thrifty lifestyle in order to help us enjoy the things we want to enjoy, such as holidays.

After coming up with plenty of ideas for my wife's blog, which focuses more on making extra money, she told me to get out of her hair and start my own blog – so here I am! I enjoy saving money, making extra money and living a more comfortable life. Other than the thriftyness I also enjoy reading, movies, videogames (sometimes a little too much) and I also collect models.

Like everyone I was always interested in a deal and saving or making extra money but this truly came into its own when I started going out with my now wife. She taught me so many extra ways that I would never have thought of before. This means we have enjoyed tons of holidays to Disneyworld as well as our dream wedding. 

Here at Thrifty Husband I hope to show you how we are living a thrifty lifestyle!

If you have any questions or comments then feel free to email me at tonydrewblogs@gmail.com